G6UIM. Hookhills, Paignton Devon, UK


Location- Great Hill, Torquay IO80FM
180m ASL
Frequencies - AIS1 channel 87B 161.975MHz - AIS2 channel 88B 162.025MHz

The system uses two 3 element LFA Yagi antennas, feeding two Digital Yacht AISNet receivers.
The antennas are pointing South West and South East.

Sites fed by the system include :-
Marine Traffic
Pocket Mariner

Feeds are available on request, and are subject to available resources, and must NOT be used for Safety of Life!

The feed can be displayed using OpenCPN and charts for the Torbay area are available on this link OpenSeaMap

A big thank you to Pocket Mariner for supplying one of the AISNet receivers

System Keeper - G6UIM